(中天合创能源有限责任公司化工分公司 烯烃MTO设备组,内蒙古 鄂尔多斯 017300)
中图分类号:TB652 文献标志码:B doi:10.3969/j.issn.1006-0316.2018.11.019
文章编号:1006-0316 (2018) 11-0077-04
Vibration Trouble Analysis and Treatment of Main Fan Test in MTO Unit
WANG Lujing
( Olefin Separation Equipment Group, Zhongtian co-Founder of Energy Limited Liability Company Chemical Branch, Ordos 017300, China )
Abstract:In the daily operation of axial compressor, the most typical failure is the mechanical failure caused by the test vibration. Such vibration problems will shorten the running time of the compressor itself, thereby reducing the operating life of the compressor, and even lead directly to the whole device shutdown, resulting in corresponding economic losses. When the situation is serious, it is likely to directly damage compressor parts and threaten people's safety in life. In view of this, it is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the vibration problem of the axial compressor, and find out the cause of the vibration problem.
Key words:MTO;main fan;test run;vibration


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